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WinPilot Live! for iPhone and iPad

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 GPS Mode can by unlocked by subscription:
Monthly: $4.99
Annually: $39
First Month is Free!


User's Manual for iPhone and iPad

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WinPilot Live!

  • Weather maps directly on Map screen (included with WinPilot subscription are maps for zoom 6 and 7, for additional zoom levels an account on fcst24.com is required).
  • Calculation and display of current OLC-Plus distance
  • Final glide to the OLC Start point location, and altitude of Start-1000m
  • In-Flight FAI triangle optimization
  • In-Flight AAT optimization
  • Climb Maximizer when connected to a flight computer
  • Connection to any flight computer using rs-232 to Bluetooth converter DT-50

    Other features:

  • Final Glide over terrain
  • High resolution satellite and terrain maps
  • Flarm targets display when using Wi-Fi or or Bluetooth connection to Flarm source
  • This version allows optional display of weather maps on top of top terrain map with hourly resolution. Weather forecast maps come from Fcst24.com. The following maps are supported at this time:
    - Cumulus Cloud Base
    - Cross-Country Speed
    - Overdevelopment
    - Thermal Updraft Velocity
    - Thermals plus Convergence
    - Wind at 10 meters above ground
    - Wind at the top of Boundary Layer
    - Wind/Wave 3D (it is possible to select altitude for wind map)
    - Rain
    - Temperature

    To obtain hourly weather forecasts for zoom 6 and 7, and to unlock GPS Mode, a WinPilot subscription is needed.
    To obtain daily weather forecasts for zoom 8 and above a separate subscription from Fcst24.com is required.

    There are two WinPilot Live! subscription options:

    1 Month subscription for $6.99 and 1 year subscription for $38.99.

    - The first month is free

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Wind Weather Map Predicted Cross-Country Speed

OLC: WinPilot adjusting triangle start location
Task shape before Start After pressing Start, WinPilot automatically adjusts start point from Minden to the actual start location, and sets final glide to start altitude minus 1000m, to help pilot close the flight path and score bonus triangle points.
OLC Start Point Indicator OLC Closed Path Indicator (red circle changes to green if WinPilot detects that the pilot crossed within 1000m radius from the start point and no less than 1000m below.