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WinPilot Advanced

WinPilot Advanced is a Flight Navigation and Optimization aid aimed at glider pilots seeking to improve safety, situational awareness and optimize speed of a cross-country glider flight.

WinPilot Advanced works with a majority of general use gps receivers.

  • Free vector Maps of several countries (see our Maps section)
  • Free Aviation Database including Airport and Airspace Information, runway locations and size, radio frequencies, etc.
  • Airspace vertical and horizontal proximity warnings
  • Mobile Turnpoints simplify flying AAT and POST tasks
  • links to your GPS for current moving map position, and visual depiction of surrounding airspace class
  • final glide around multiple turnpoints - instant display of data at different McCready Settings
  • Graphical final glide indicator
  • Automatic wind calculation
  • Thermal Finder : predicts locations of thermals based on analysis of previous flight logs
  • Instant readout of tail/headwind (WP Pro)
  • Climb Maximizer (WP Pro)
  • 3D Wind Display
  • touch screen provides instant access to turnpoint and airspace details, final glide, and settings
  • instant display of reachable airports and landing sites
  • easily configurable navigation windows (NAV Boxes)
  • user modifiable airspace data available at no extra cost
  • powerful task editor,  >5000 turnpoints capacity, sorting in ascending and descending order by name, turnpoint id, distance, or attribute, instant readout of ETA and altitude required (WP Adv) or arrival height (WP Adv and Pro)
  • simulator mode allows exploring all features at home  see other features...


High quality vector maps with airport icons showing orientation of the main runway Flight Planning - AAT
Final Glide over terrain Database of Airports includes runway diagrams, dimensions, numbers, and more.
Airports within reach are shown with a green background... ...or with a green label showing the safety margin.