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User Manuals

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WinPilot 12  Word

WinPilot 11  PDF

German version of WinPilot Manual - see: www.winpilot.de
(many thanks to J. Garrecht for translation).

French  version of WinPilot Manual v 5.26 
(many thanks to Olivier Dancer and Philippe De Pechy for translation).

Italian version of WinPilot Manual v 2.70 pdf 
(many thanks to Stefano Brigliadori for translation).

Japanese WinPilot Manual v 3.52 and How To Guide (in pdf format)
(many thanks to Makoto Ichikawa and Naoaki Ooishi for translation).

Polish Manual (Instrukcja po Polsku)

Data files for Hungary: User's Manual (pdf), User's Manual (doc), Airspace file, Wave file.
Thanks to Zsolt J. MARCSEV for preparing the data.