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WinPilot VFR

  • User and Cockpit Friendly Software the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile platform
  • Free High-Quality Vector Terrain Maps including Elevation Contours (Mountains), Roads, Railroads,  Lakes, Cities, Runway Diagrams.
  • World Aeronautical Database of Airports, Runways, SUAs, VOR/NDBs, Waypoints, etc.
  • Most powerful and yet simplest to use Waypoint Browser and Flight Plan editor.
  • HSI indicator
  • Big Menus and Buttons - No Stylus needed
Flight Planning HSI
Detailed Runway Diagrams with Runway Numbers Detailed Runway Diagrams with Extended Runway Centerline
Airports that can be reached with engine off are shown with a green background... ...or with a green label showing the safety margin.


Users Manual - WinPilot 2.00.pdf

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Quick Setup:

1. Download WinPilot VFR (see above), and double click on the executable, it will install itself on the iPAQ, including sample map and aviation datafile. Reset your iPAQ, you should see two big buttons on the screen: WinPilot and WinPilot Simulator. Press WinPilot Simulator, and you are ready to explore.

You can also test WinPilot with data for your particular country. To do that, follow steps below:
2. Download Airport/Airspace/Navaid data file for your region to your desktop PC. Using ActiveSync connect your iPAQ to your PC, and double click on the just downloaded data file. Follow the prompts, the file will be automatically installed on your iPAQ.

3. Download terrain map for your country (extension *.wp3) to your desktop, and place it in \My Documents folder on your iPAQ (you might need to unzip it first, so it has extension *.wp3).

4. Start WinPilot VFR simulator, goto Menu.Files, Make sure that the appropriate Aeronautical data file and country are selected. A map should now appear showing airports, VORs, etc. To enable terrain map, go to  Menu.Files.Terrain, and select map file downloaded in step 2.

To move the simulated glider to a location of your choice go to Menu.Waypoints, select one, switch to third tab on the top, and select Action.JumpTo, or Action.Set Home Airport.