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13.01 for Pocket PC for 2012/2013
For Pocket PC 2002 and older
WinPilot ADV 13.01
WinPilot PRO 13.01

For Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile
WinPilot ADV 13.01
WinPilot PRO 13.01

Version 13.01:

At this time version 13.01 has the same set of features as version 12.02.
It will be updated throughout the year as the need arises.

Personal Navigation Assistant (PNA)
WinPilot ADV
WinPilot PRO

Unpacked Aviation Data Files for PNA:


Version 12.0 for PNAs, build WP_PNA_ADV_12.0 for 2011
 (for devices based on Windows CE version 5 and 6).

1.Connect your PNA to your PC using a USB cable.
2. PNA appears on your PC as a Removable Drive
3. Create a directory on this PNA drive for all your WinPilot files (you might name it WinPilot).
4.On your PC unzip the WP_PNA_XX file to some folder on your PC
5. Copy all files from this folder to your WinPilot folder on your PNA
6. Copy any other data files (maps, aviation database, turnpoint files, etc) to the SAME directory where you put your WinPilot executable file.
7. If this is the first time you are installing WinPilot on your PNA, you will need to set the Navigation Path (which is the name of the program your PNA executes when the Navigation button is pressed). Go into Setting.Navi Path, and set it to the WinPilot file you have just copied to your PNA.

To change between Landscape and Portrait modes use Menu.Map.Rotation. If a given PNA device does not support screen rotation, then the Map dialog will show: "Rotation is not supported".

Version PNA_10 adds support for the LX Mini Map device:


12.02 for Pocket PC for 2011
For Pocket PC 2002 and older
WinPilot ADV 12.02
WinPilot PRO 12.02

For Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile
WinPilot ADV 12.02
WinPilot PRO 12.02

Version 12.00:
FLARM support: Increased number of FLARM targets being tracked from 25 to 100.

Version 12.02: Implemented support for the newest series of LX Navigation flight computers. These can be enabled by selecting LX 9000 in Menu.About.Hardware.

Version 11.01:
Area Tasks: When moving Area Turnpoints on the map now WInPilot also shows the current task distance to aid setting the mobile turnpoints at an optimum location for the conditions of a given day.
FLARM support: added new option to the FLARM.More dialog to display information about other near-by gliders in a format that is more suitable for competitive flying. The option is called 'Vario/ Alt Diff' and when enabled, WinPilot shows on the map first the other glider's climb/sink rate, and then other information. 

Version 11.03:
FLARM support: Fixed a bug occasionally visible when using FLARM with very large number of FLARM targets in vicinity. 
New Turnpoint type: In Menu.Rules.Task added a new turnpoint type for UK competitions. The angle is 180 degrees (a semi-circle). It is positioned as the 90 degree FAI observation sector only 180 degrees and of 10km radius. 

11.03 for Pocket PC (last 2010 version)
For Pocket PC 2002 and older
WinPilot ADV 11.03
WinPilot PRO 11.03

For Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile
WinPilot ADV 11.03
WinPilot PRO 11.03

Version 10.06: Modified the Statistics window so now in addition to showing statistics of the currently flown task, it also shows the data about the last four thermals, including relative entry and exit altitudes, as well as average lift speed. The thermals colored red are the strongest, yellow are less strong, and blue are below 0.4 of the maximum speed. Fixed SUA warning error. Fixed Thermal Statisctics window for iPaq 4700. 

Version 10.02 Modified Climb Maximizer so it automatically changes scale for very strong thermals.

Version 10.01: Added option to display VORs on the map. This can be enbaled on Menu.Map.VORs. When a label of an VOR is touched, the Details window shows the position of the glider on the radial FROM the VOR, and distance in Nautical Miles from the VOR. This is useful when communicating with Traffic Control.

Version 9.00b: FLARM Support: Added the ability to track several other gliders in the vicinity that also carry FLARM on board. WinPilot can now show visually the position of the other gliders, their bearing, and also indicate weather or not they are climbing, and if so, what their current climb rate is.

Version 9.01: Added Flarm Pilot Name,Glider Type, Competition Sign, Radio Frequency to gliders detected by Flarm and registered in Flarmnet.org database. This database comes as file 'data.fln', which should be placed in the \My Documents folder on an iPAQ.

Version 9.02: Added a warning message when pilot tries to advance to next waypoint while outside an Area when flying an Area Task.

Version 9.03: Added a function to enable/disable non-primary FLARM targets with a push of a button. To enable it, select '1 Flarm' from Menu.Edit. Added Task Declaration transfer to FLARM. To use it, go to Menu.Flarm, and select Send Task. This declares Task 0.

Version 9.04 B beta: Added a function to download flight logs from FLARM to a Pocket PC.
Added a button 'Pilots' to list pilots from FlarmNet  database (To use it, download file data.fln from FlarmNet.org, and put it in \My Documents folder on your Pocket PC).

Version 9.04 C beta: Enabled displaying of climb rate for FLARM targets in straight flight and in circling.
Added an option to adjust font of FLARM targets on the map using Menu.Fonts page (scroll to the bottom of the list to FLARM Targets).

Version 9.05 Beta: Added Long-Range FLARM Radar. Now, instead of the default 3000 meter range, it is possible to increase the range of target detection and target climb rate reporting to range of 25000 meters. To use this function, go into Menu.Flarm.More and set the desired range using the 'Range' button.

Version 9.05 Beta B: Added STEALTH mode to block sending out Climb and Cruise data to other gliders.
From Flarm Manual v 4.01: The stealth flag indicates whether the own broadcasted data shall be solely used for collision avoidance. An activated stealth results in PFLAA and PFLAU sentences not carrying specific climb and cruise data while some random noise is applied to altitude data. We recommend not activating stealth! To apply full reciprocity, a pilot who enables “Stealth mode” will get the information as if all other aircraft had enabled “Stealth mode”, independent of their actual setting. Manual changes to "Stealth mode" during flight are delayed by two minutes.


Version 9.06: Added Pilot, Glider, And Competition ID transfer to FLARM. To use it, go into Menu.Flarm.Set Pilot Info. All the information can be set on Menu.Logger screen.

Version 9.07 : Fixed a bug in SUA airspace violation detection algorithm that in specific cases could produce false SUA warnings, or no warnings.

Version 9.08 Beta: Added option to copy WInPilot installation to a Compact Flash (SD) card. To use it, go into Menu.Settings2 and select "To Flash Card". This results in all files transferred to the flash card, and in creation of two new shortcuts that can be used to start WinPilot from a flash card: "SD WinPilot, and SD WInPilot Simulator". These are available in Menu.Programs.

Version 9.09: Fixed a bug FlarmNet pilot database that could cause a program shutdown in some cases when Flarmnet database is used.

Version 9.10: Button '1 FLARM' now completely enables or disables FLARM functionality and presentation of primary and secondary targets on the map. In previous versions it was disabling only secondary targets.

Version 9.11: Updated on 8/18/2008: Fixed a bug causing occasional false airspace warnings.
Fixed a problem in WP ADV with initialization of Cambridge GPS-NAV. Pilots using this type of gps should remember to enable Menu.About.Hardware.GPS-NAV1 or GPS-NAV2.

Version 9.12 beta: Fixed a bug in Touch.SUA Info.